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Visions of Utopia by Laszlo Szechenyi

by Laszlo Szechenyi

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Publisher: Universal-Publishers
Pub date: 1999
Pages: 377
ISBN-10: 158112886X
ISBN-13: 9781581128864
Categories: History & BiographyHistory & Biography


A compelling, vivid and moving account of a Hungarian noble family's life before and after the horrors of World War II, as seen through the eyes of an adolescent boy. It reflects an era lost in the annals of history, yet it raises hope for the return of a country devastated by 45 years of communism, to a sociopolitical level which could enable it to reenter the community of Western society.

For anyone who cares for the innocence of childhood and basic human values, this is fascinating reading, indeed.

About the Author

Laszlo Szechenyi was born in Hungary in 1931, the second son of a wealthy landowner.

He spent his early childhood living on the estates of his father and his grandmother in an environment which he considered "Utopia" and which, indeed, no longer exists. The splendor, peace, security, and beauty of that era influenced him for life and he always considered that lifestyle as something so exceptional that one could only contemplate it in dreams.

When he was 13 he was forced to flee the approaching Russian war front with his family, packing only the bare necessities, leaving everything else behind. The lot of a refugee from communism in a strange land was the next episode in his life until emigration to the United States of America established a new long-term home for the family.

Today he lives in retirement in Florida with his wife. They have raised four children and have two granddaughters as well.

He considers himself a true internationalist and is actively supporting the re-building of his devastated country of birth, Hungary.

Laszlo was born as: "The Honorable Count Laszlo Szechenyi of Sarvar and Felsovidek," a member of one of Hungary's oldest and most respected noble families.