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Hearing Better

Understanding Your Hearing And Ear Care Options

by John Burkey

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Publisher: Universal-Publishers
Pub date: 1999
Pages: 161
ISBN-10: 1581128231
ISBN-13: 9781581128239
Categories: Medicine & HealthMedicine & Health


Hearing Better: Understanding Your Hearing And Ear Care Options is a simple and informative overview of a person's hearing health alternatives. It introduces the different ear professionals, explains their qualifications and the services they render. The book also provides basic information about ear and hearing problems, treatment options, hearing aids and other ways to compensate for a hearing loss. By being more informed, people can better participate in the decision-making about their own hearing health.

Hearing Better will also be of value to many of those who previously had a complete ear and hearing evaluation. In the era of HMOs and managed care, physicians rarely have time to discuss all of the problems associated with hearing loss. Hearing Better can fill in some of the gaps. Additionally, new advances in the treatment of hearing loss are constantly taking place. Some of the procedures and treatments discussed in this book were not available just a few years ago. Hearing Better provides an overview of these and other procedures currently available to correct or compensate for a hearing loss.

Hearing Better is a "must-read" for anyone considering buying or replacing hearing aids.