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Running Forward ~ Looking Back

by Lynn T. Seely

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Publisher: Universal-Publishers
Pub date: 2000
Pages: 200
ISBN-10: 1581127596
ISBN-13: 9781581127591


This exceptional non-fiction book allows you to share in the lives of some extraordinary people and a few amazing animals. Each chapter is a new and delightful experience where you will meet real life heroes - and even a few villains.

You will meet Pud - a dog of exceptional courage - as he bravely protects his master from harm. Cheer for a father -though he survives cancer it has taken much from him - yet his struggle to achieve his dream provides a touching lesson for his young son.

Witness Bill run more than 24 hours in a blizzard. Why does he do it? His wife faces almost certain death if he quits!

You will be there to see the triumph of a young woman as she is able to put a brutal attack behind her.

Go with the author of this book as she shares her own experiences when she tackles her first marathon - after being told she would never run again.

Then there is a young boy - a burn victim - that experiences a miracle - due in part to an amazing dream he and his grandfather have one night. In Old Meg’s Hat; you will find out the truly amazing life saving secrets of her hat. There are more stories; each a treasure in this delightful, compelling book.

If you enjoy true stories about ordinary people in extraordinary situations - then this is a must read book! At times, you will laugh out loud - perhaps shed a tear or two - and ultimately have favorite chapters you will return to time and time again.

Seely’s style of writing is captivating - and the people she writes about will forever inspire you - whether you are a runner or not.