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Woman X Turns Thirty

Myths, Mysteries and Mental Meltdowns

by Heidi E. Rehmann


Publisher: Universal-Publishers
Pub date: 2000
Pages: 83
ISBN-10: 1581127367
ISBN-13: 9781581127362
Categories: History & BiographyHistory & Biography


According to seventeenth century epigrammatist La Rochefoucauld, "The hell of women is old age." For many women, turning thirty opens the gates to the hell that La Rochefoucauld defines. It is a universal, painful rite of passage that strips her of her youth and exposes a woman with no more excuses. Every woman eventually turns thirty, and it just so happens to be Generation X's turn.

Woman X Turns Thirty: Myths, Mysteries, and Mental Meltdowns is a humorous, non-fiction account of one Generation X woman's journey to and through thirty. Her experiences are relayed through a variety of vignettes dealing with sex, mortality, stress, and surviving "the big one", to name a few. For the woman who will soon find herself in the throes of thirty (or has been there already), this book offers entertainment, laughter, a few tears and comfort in the common denominator.