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Global Silk Industry

A Complete Source Book

by Rajat K. Datta & Mahesh Nanavaty

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Publisher: Universal-Publishers
Pub date: 2005
Pages: 427
ISBN-10: 1581124937
ISBN-13: 9781581124934
Categories: Earth & Environmental ScienceBiology & Natural SciencesPhysics & Chemistry


The popularity of silk is more confined to super-rich or haute couture; silk is now an affordable luxury for the middle class in Europe and USA, and continues to hold its way in Asia as traditional ceremonial wear. The present source book traces recent global status of silk country wise and describes in depth the sericulture practices followed in both in temperate and tropic regions of the world, as also silk processing, and marketing of raw silk, finished silk and ready-to-wear including high fashion couture creations of Italy, France and Switzerland. The book, therefore, attempts to fill a void in the current information available in English on the world status of sericulture and silk. We presume it would definitely interest scientist, technologists and students connected with the textile industry as also the textile designers, converters, importers and exporters the world over. It would also help the boutiques, buying-selling organizations, and chain department stores and specially stores to understand why silk sells and is superior to other textiles. As no comprehensive book on silk has been published so far, this source book covers the entire global scenario of silk as it has entered very successfully in the 21st Century.

About the Author

Rajat. K. Datta, Ph. D. in genetics has excellent track record of silk research and was Director (Retd.) of International and National Sericulture Research Institutes in India having teaching experience in graduate and postgraduate courses. He steered the institution to higher levels of science, technology, and training. He is an International consultant to several developing countries in Asia and Africa. He has published over 300 scientific and technical papers in various national and international journals, and the author of six books/manuals.

Mahesh Nanavaty, M.S. from USA is an international trade consultant working in senior positions including as a Director of an Indian textile unit. His unique experience over 30 years helped him to study production, processing, finishing and marketing of textiles in China, India Japan, Europe and USA. He is the author of three well accepted textile books, viz., i) Silk- From Grub to Glamour, ii) Manmades from Fiber to Fabric, and iii) Silk Production, Processing and Marketing (Wiley Eastern in 1990).