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Pathways to Parenthood

The Ultimate Guide to Surrogacy

by Stacy Ziegler

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Publisher: BrownWalker Press
Pub date: 2005
Pages: 118
ISBN-10: 1581124341
ISBN-13: 9781581124347
Categories: Medical & Health ScienceMedicine & Health


Pathways to Parenthood is a how-to guide to Surrogacy. It covers Gestational Surrogacy via IVF as well as Traditional Surrogacy via Artificial Insemination.

The mystery that surrounds Surrogacy is demystified and everything is broken down into layman's terms. This book will take you from deciding if Surrogacy is the right path for you, to contact with your surrogate after the delivery and everything in between.

You will learn about the legal, medical, as well as the emotional aspects of choosing Surrogacy as your pathway to parenthood. You will be given the pros and cons of using an agency as well as going about it on your own.

About the Author

This book was written by a two-time gestational surrogate with experience in both agency and independent arrangements. In addition, the author has also held a position with a very reputable and established Surrogacy and Egg Donation agency based out of Southern California.